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Our one-on-one mentorship calls are designed to provide you with personalized guidance to meet all your business needs. Whether you're looking to scale your online business or transform it into a 6-7 figure enterprise, I offer tailored strategies and actionable insights to help you achieve your goals. Schedule a half or full hour call with me today!


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I had about 4 call with her and let me tell you she had help a lot with my website, how to create my digital products and how to make video to get more view and followers, the best $100 dollars I have spend. Book with her today , you won’t regret it , she got a ton of information to help you guys out.

— Elayne

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This was my first call with Iced Tee and she is very easy to talk to! She was very helpful and made sure that I understood everything as we went along and I got to create my website and my first digital product in 1 hour. Book with her! She is worth it 100%

— Savannah

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I’d rate it 10 stars if I could!! She was amazing at helping me use Canva and to start creating my digital products! Digital products don’t come easy to me but she explained everything really well and now I feel more confident opening up my own website! I’m literally booking again soon, thanks girl🥰

— Sharron

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The call was amazing! Iced Tee helped me create my online store and upload my products. We did so much in 1 hour. Worth it🔥

— Tamika

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The best $90 I've ever spent! She helped me a lot with my website and it looks sooo much better than before😍 Definitely booking again😊

— Keliah